Sunday, February 1, 2009

whaaaa? where????

so, i've decided to come out of my cave. we've been SO busy that the last thing i wanted to think about was blogging. but i want to - need to! so here i am. i *want* to blog every day this month. really, i do!! wish me luck with that!

so, today we made our way out to the getty villa in malibu. a beautiful day! but, whaaa? where's my camera!!???? can't find it. oh, it's not stolen or lost - save being lost in my house (and that's a whole other set of worries). but i can't really put my finger on where to look for it. so, for now, its "lost".

I'd planned on showing off great photos of the getty and the view of the ocean - but, like i said. no camera. enjoy the clip-art.

so - for today - that's my post! i do hope that all of you enjoying the superbowl, the commercials or, just simply enjoying the food - are indeed enjoying yourselves!

i'm going to go look for my camera...

until tomorrow...

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Venom said...


I came over from the Swapbot blog exchange to see you from my blog, 'Venom, Secrets, & Lies'.

I've looked at your stores and, WOW! You make very cool stuff! I admire that. My Gramma supported herself & 7 children (after being widowed)largely with $ from crocheting tablecloths, doilies, runners, & what-have-you. She & my Aunt were the only ones I'd known who made beaded doilies; I have a whole collection.

Getty looks wonderful, I'd love to see it in person some day.